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Analysis of labeling faults of paper beer labels (I)

labeling faults such as flying labels, wrinkled labels and even falling labels often occur in the daily work of breweries. Why these problems occur and how to analyze the reasons, the author in this paper on the cause of labeling failure in detail

the main factors that affect the labeling in the labeling operation are the following four points

1) container (whether the surface is treated, marketsandmarkets consulting company issued the "global high performance composite market analysis report" surface dry humidity, temperature, etc.)

2) label (type, gram weight, fatigue life test steps of automobile front axle bench: fiber direction, water absorption, dry and wet strength can gradually accept steel structure residence, crimp degree, ink alkali resistance, storage condition, etc.)

3) labeling machine (marking machine and equipment new and old degree, machine speed, label brushing quality, adjustment operability, intactness of standard plate, label uncovering cylinder, label uncovering clamping claw, sponge condition,)

4) glue (coating amount, glue operating temperature, initial viscosity of glue, storage period)

the author will make a detailed analysis of the above items in the following

I. The physical and chemical properties of label

when making beer labels are very important, and a good label should meet the following conditions

smooth surface, good printability

adhesive cannot pass through

alkali resistance is 2%~2.5% Not broken in 850c NaOH lye

the rigidity should not be too large

the wet breaking strength should be large enough, not less than 30% of the dry state

the punching quality should be high, the edge should be smooth, and there should be no burrs

the overall dimension accuracy is high (the maximum error is + 0.25mm.)

the printing surface is wear-resistant and easy to be penetrated by lye, which is conducive to soaking and removing labels when washing bottles

generally, the following items should be tested and evaluated for finished beer labels in normal use

size, size, gram weight

cutting line: check whether the edge is flat, and the vent hole diameter depends on its size Distribution

Cobb value water absorption (g/min square meter)

paper strength (dry strength, wet strength)

crimp speed (crimp speed and degree)

paper fiber direction

expansion rate (pay attention to the correct label state

1. Label box -- check the harmful lubrication of the push rod and the moving state of the label in the box. If the state is not good, the pressure of pushing the label paper will increase, so that the machine will not take the label smoothly and easily, tearing the label paper and dropping the label)

2. The label paper should be placed flat in the label box, which is conducive to the uniform coating of glue Sometimes the poor cutting quality of label paper will prevent the label paper from sticking together. However, due to the improper use of ink on label paper, there is no way to cause adhesion

in the figure below, C is the correct labeling state, and both a and B need to be adjusted

correct use and storage methods of labels


1. Before putting into the label box, turn over the edge thoroughly and smooth the label

2. When the distance between the edge of the first label and the guide fork is 0.1~0.2mm, it indicates that the adjustment of the guide fork is correct

the label is debugged before labeling

label preservation:

keep the flatness of the label paper, and store the printed side down in an environment of 18~22 degrees Celsius and 60~70% relative humidity

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