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PMAC software application and development

pmac is an open architecture motion controller, which can run on a variety of operating system platforms, such as DOS, windows, Windows NT, UNIX, OS2 and other operating systems. It can also install computer application software (such as cad/cam) in the system to run together

The system software of the numerical control system composed of PMAC consists of two parts: PMAC system software and computer application software

1. PMAC system software

pmac itself is a high-performance numerical control system, with high-speed interpolation, i/o control and excellent servo control performance. The main functions of PMAC system software:

1) execute the motion program downloaded by the computer

2) execute the PLC program installed in PMAC

3) control the operation of servo motor

4) motion fault inspection

5) communicate with the computer and receive the motion program, command and data of the computer, All kinds of information (such as axis position, speed, working status, etc.) required by the computer are returned

2. The computer application software

in order to facilitate the operation and form a "complete" CNC system with PMAC system software use environment, according to the control object and PMAC command statements and variables, the corresponding application software is developed in the computer. The application software can be developed in C, c++, VC, VB, Delphi, c++ builder and other high-level languages, The developed application software shall have the following functions:

1) human-computer interaction dialogue function

2) the clamping force of motion program and PLC program sample will change with wear function

3) simulation function of motion program

4) communication function with PMAC

5) sending motion program, PLC program, command and data to PMAC; Receive the information and data transmitted by PMAC and enter the pressure vessel fatigue testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. its important function is to conduct pressure pulse impact analysis on gas cylinders

3. PMAC software development tool pewin

pewin is PMAC application software, which is used to develop and debug the system. Its main functions are as follows:

1) setting of I, P, Q and m variables

2) allocate the position of the motor in the coordinate system

3) display motor speed, position and follow-up error

4 extremely high machining accuracy ensures high-level assembly and finish) real time display of PMAC i/o interface signal status

5) execute various commands of PMAC

6) downloading and debugging of motion program and PLC program

7) set the communication mode (serial, bus and dual port RAM)

8) test motor performance and motion program, and fault analysis

9) collect and analyze data and draw waveform diagram

10) adjustment of dynamic characteristics of servo motor. (end)

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