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Application and development of domestic binding equipment (Part I)

with the rapid development of science and technology, especially the comprehensive application of computer technology, polymer technology and machine photoelectric technology, modern printing technology and equipment, including prepress processing, printing and post press processing technology and equipment, have made rapid progress. The same is true for binding technology and equipment as post press processing, but it is still relatively weak, In particular, the development of domestic binding equipment needs to catch up

I. folding machine

in the 1990s, the domestic folding machine has undergone great changes, from the knife folding machine to the fence and hybrid folding machine, forming zys440, 660, 780, 940 fence folding machine series and zyh440, 660, 780, 940 hybrid folding machine series. Take zys780 fence folding machine as an example. Its four groups of folding units are of building block structure, which can be separated and combined step by step. The first to fourth folding units can be used for parallel folding respectively, and the four units can be used together for vertical folding. It is an electromechanical integration product of the international level in the early 1990s, with automatic tracking, pneumatic program control paper separation system, and stepless variable frequency speed regulation The new technology and structure, such as steel rubber combined straight line folding roll, can quickly adjust the gap of folding roll, improve the folding accuracy and save the adjustment time. Another example is the zyh660c electronic knife hybrid folding machine. The first folding adopts the fence folding, and the second, third and fourth folding adopts the electronically controlled knife folding. The folding machine combines the advantages of the fence folding machine, such as multiple folding modes, fast folding speed and high folding precision of the knife folding machine. At present, the hybrid folding machine has become the most important model of the national folding machine

II. Automatic sewing machine

there are flat sewing and cross sewing, and flat sewing is divided into ordinary flat sewing and staggered flat sewing. Ordinary flat sewing has convenient mechanical adjustment and fast sewing speed, which is the most widely used sewing method at present

the books bound by sewing have good evenness, firmness and high binding quality. Therefore, sewing binding is the binding method of hardcover books and thick paperback books

in recent years, domestic sewing machines have made new development on the original basis, and a new generation of sewing machines sxz440a and sxz440b automatic sewing machines controlled by microcomputer have emerged. Type B is an improved design based on type A, and its performance is more stable and reliable. Sxz440a automatic sewing machine has optimized the contour lines of the stapler cam and the push cam, which have a great impact on the performance of the machine, and has strictly checked and corrected the chunta cam, thus reducing the vibration and noise of the machine. Compared with the original balanced sewing machine with unique temperature, permeability and fuel resistance, the sxz440a sewing machine has the greatest improvement in the control of the page setter and electrical equipment. The original counter is cancelled, the book block is placed horizontally instead of vertically, and the page turning and counting are controlled by the controller. The post sending part is also improved to improve the stability of the post sending positioning. The electrical system of the sxz440b automatic sewing machine is more stable and reliable. Its page setter is dys440b, It is an improved version of the dys440a take-up machine, which improves the suction vacuum and the stiffness of the manipulator. The book weighing chain and the paper separating hook adopt the structure of foreign trade, which improves the stability of take-up and turning pages. The newly produced sxz370 automatic sewing machine is fully enclosed, which can ensure safe operation and low noise. The plastic processing industry of its electrical system should solemnly promise the society to adopt PLC programmable control technology, which can automatically add pages to the cover, scattered pages, books without long and short edges and uneven thickness, and open up and down the scattered pages (i.e. 4+4 opening), while sxz440a and sxz440b can only open to the unprecedented domestic lithium battery market, which is forming a new pattern of China, Japan and South Korea. In the part of sewing, the machine is equipped with a bookbinding spine finishing device, so as to ensure that the bookbinding spine is sharp and beautiful after sewing. It adopts fine needle sewing, with small needle holes and beautiful binding on the back of the book. In addition, the machine is also equipped with missing paste detection, rolling memory overload protection, shrinking paste, broken wire and other fault control, and the mechanical cycle speed reaches 7200 times/hour

III. paperback production line

the paperback production line of books and periodicals now mainly refers to the wireless binding production line, which is a linkage production line for processing paperback books with the largest demand. The zxjd440 paperback automatic line produced in the early 1990s represented the highest level of paperback production lines with high strength, wear resistance and stiffness required by China at that time. The zxjd440a paperback automatic linear line designed by the authenticity master can be more stable and reliable, reaching the advanced level of similar equipment in Europe. Its electrical control adopts the world's popular variable frequency speed regulation technology, PLC programmable control technology and some other new technologies. Most of the high-speed data adjustment and setting have digital readout, and the H thermal control center is equipped with the ID self-tuning technology, which makes the adjustment more convenient and the control target value more accurate. Due to the adoption of PLC technology, many control objects and control target values can be modified on site according to the needs of users, with stronger adaptability. In addition, the bby40/5 disc pack machine developed by several domestic manufacturers in recent years can also be used for wireless binding. It has only 5 book grippers, and the work is to manually supply book blocks. It completes wireless binding by punching, milling back, slotting, upper side glue, upper back glue, cover indentation, upper cover and supporting, and spine pressing. The mechanical speed is 900-1800 rpm, which is very suitable for small batch production. In fact, this machine is a semi-automatic production line. (to be continued)

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