Application and development of PET bottled beer

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Application and development of PET bottled beer

from the data obtained, the change trends of dissolved oxygen, turbidity and diacetyl of PET bottled beer and glass bottled beer are the same, all of which are gradually reduced, and carbon dioxide is almost unchanged

current status of domestic beer packaging

pet bottles as packaging containers have been widely used in the beverage industry, almost replacing the glass containers in the beverage industry. In recent years, PET beer bottles with high barrier materials have also been widely used abroad. PET bottles not only have the properties of glass beer bottles, but also are convenient, safe, easy to store, transport, recycle and reuse, the most important of which is safety. At present, beer enterprises often encounter the problem of injury caused by beer bottle explosion. Although the relevant national departments have forced the use of beer bottles with the word "B" for five years, the problem has not been fundamentally solved. Facts have proved that the injury caused by beer bottle explosion is not always non-B bottles, but often "B" bottles also explode. The reasons are as follows: on the one hand, the quality of beer bottles in China is uneven. The inspection of beer bottles is spot check, so it is difficult to avoid the existence of unqualified products in batch products; On the other hand, consumers' abnormal opening or collision leads to accidents; On the other hand, in China and even the world, the output of any kind of wine is not as large as that of beer. It has developed so rapidly. Among all alcohol products, the largest number of people drink beer. In addition, beer itself is a nutritious beverage containing gas. Consumers have a great chance of contacting beer bottles. Relatively speaking, the safety factor of glass bottles is too small. If petaspuntm melt blown polyethylene fiber resin, which makes textiles such as BICO SMS softer, more comfortable, stronger, more durable and easier to process, can be widely used in the beer industry, the above problems will be completely solved. According to the industry information statistics of China's brewing industry, China's total beer output in 2005 reached 30.6156 million KL. If the output of bottled beer accounted for 70% of the total, based on 630 ml/bottle, the number of beer bottles used in the country in a year would also be 34billion, and a considerable part of them were glass bottles less than 500ml. The actual number used would be far greater than 34billion. Therefore, as long as the performance of barrier materials is solved for PET beer bottles, the development and application of PET beer bottles in the beer industry should have a very broad prospect. The annual demand for recycled plastic particles has reached more than 800 tons. The trial of PET bottle beer Hebei lanbei Liquor Group Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd. began to jointly develop the PET bottle beer project in January, 2005. The PET bottle provided by Zhuhai Zhongfu for test is a three-layer bottle, the middle layer is EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer) as the barrier layer, the test bottle is a 1.6L high-capacity PET bottle, and the bottle cap is a screw cap; The liquor is 11 ° P

comparative tasting after storage for two months: five people participated in the tasting. They used the three cup method to compare the wine in glass bottles of the same period. The tasting results showed that two people tasted correctly, and the other three people did not distinguish correctly. The general feeling: there was no obvious difference between glass bottles and PET bottles. From the test results, the dissolved oxygen content of the test sample is slightly higher than that of the glass bottle (not a special equipment), but the color and turbidity of the wine change little during storage, and there is no oxygen increase in the later stage. With the extension of storage time, the oxygen content decreases in a curve, the CO2 content is stable, and the change trend of diacetyl is basically the same as that of the glass bottle. Experiments show that Zhuhai Zhongfu pet three-layer bottle used for beer filling has good barrier performance and meets the requirements of beer filling

the pet three-layer beer bottle produced by Zhuhai Zhongfu can be used to produce cooked beer and can be pasteurized. However, because the bottle wall is relatively thin and has fast heat transfer, the sterilization temperature must be reduced, and the temperature in the heating area must also be reduced. The temperature in the heating area is the same as that in the insulation area, which can be at 61 ℃. The Pu value cannot be high, and it is best to control it between 15-18. Under this condition, the barrier material and PET material are not separated. The CO2 content of PET bottled beer should be strictly controlled. Even under the above sterilization temperature, the maximum content should not exceed 0.58%, and it is absolutely safe to control it within 0.55%. Otherwise, it is easy to cause bottle deformation. In the test, when the CO2 content is 0.58%, the full mouth capacity of some bottles is increased from 1655ml before use to 1685ml, with a deformation rate of 1.81%, which makes the liquid level of the finished wine look irregular. This problem may be related to the bottle making quality of some bottles. The sterilization Pu value of PET bottle is low, but the microbial index is good, which is suitable for pure draft beer.

the dissolved oxygen and bottleneck air in the trial production of PET beer bottles are still higher than those in glass bottles, which need to be further discussed and solved.

during wine inspection, it was found that there were very few delaminations under the neck of pet three-layer bottles, and the cause is being found. Conclusion after trial production, the bottle making technology of pet three-layer bottle produced by Zhuhai Zhongfu has been relatively perfect, and its barrier material for oxygen and carbon dioxide meets the technical requirements for beer filling. The problem of thermal deformation of pet three-layer bottle in bus sterilization can be solved by process control. PET bottles cannot be vacuumized like glass bottles, and it is better to use long tube filling machines in production. If it is a long tube filling machine, the dissolved oxygen may be lower after CO2 replacement, which will be more effective in increasing the freshness of PET bottles of beer Turn on the power switch of the fuselage, which will also reduce the use of carbon dioxide. If the process conditions permit, the smaller the difference between the full capacity and the effective volume, the better, which is conducive to reducing the bottleneck air. The liquid level in the bottle after sterilization is also easier to observe. The cost of PET beer packaging

pet bottle is slightly higher at present, but it is expected to be reduced after it is widely promoted in the beer industry. After a large amount of bottle making, the unit cost of bottle making will be reduced. Our preliminary calculation: 1.6L beer is about equivalent to 3 bottles of glass beer. If new bottles are used, the price of glass bottles is calculated as 1.8 yuan at 0.6 yuan, and the price of pet three-layer bottles is 2.0 yuan. The price difference between the two bottles is 0.2 yuan. 1.6L only one set of labels and one bottle cap, and three sets of glass bottles; New glass bottles also need to go through the bottle washing machine, which consumes water, electricity and steam. The PET bottle washing machine can be stopped, and only a few low-power fans can be used to send it to the wine machine, reducing the energy consumption by a large part; The transportation cost can be reduced by more than 40%, especially for bottled wine. The weight of glass bottle accounts for more than 40% of the gross weight of beer, while the weight of a 1.6L pet three-layer bottle is only 72 ± 1g. According to the accounting results, if new bottles are used, the costs of PET bottles and glass bottles are basically similar.

the use of PET beer bottles is conducive to environmental protection and can reduce sewage treatment capacity. According to the instructions for the bottle washing machine, a bottle washing machine with 24000 bottles per hour consumes 0.5 liters of water per bottle, the minimum hourly water consumption is 12 cubic meters, and the daily water consumption must be more than 24 cubic meters. The workshop production environment will be better. Personally, I think pet bottles are indeed the development direction of beer packaging technology and a revolution in beer packaging technology. The complete replacement of glass bottles by PET bottles in the beer industry requires the synchronous development of the beer packaging machinery industry, especially the development of long tube filling machines suitable for the technical requirements of PET bottle filling. Consumers should have a cognitive process of PET bottled beer, which requires the support, publicity and guidance of relevant units in the industry and the joint efforts of the beer industry

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