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This shopping guide elite class consists of 12 new stores forming a powerful team

we welcome the students of the 94th shopping guide elite class. This year's shopping guide elite class consists of a team of 12 new stores with great energy. They are from Dongguan, Lishui in Nanjing, Duji in Huaibei, Wenshan in Yunnan, Yucheng in Henan, Shaodong in Hunan, Huangshi in Hubei, Hengyang in Hunan, Dongkou in Hunan, Xiangcheng in Suzhou, Jinnan in Tianjin and Huairen in Shanxi. They came from all over the world, and also brought their love and wisdom for soft clothing to a place like a duck to water; They unite every student to study and work together. Ruyushui business school is more wonderful because of them

the 10 day course of rudeshui shopping guide elite class enables the new shopping guide in the exclusive store to master some basic professional knowledge and sales mode in the shortest time, and get started as soon as possible after returning to the store. It is mainly aimed at the training of basic knowledge including order terminology, scale reduction, calculation, wall cloth and wall background, OMS recording, as well as the training of practical knowledge such as suit technology, home decoration style, color matching, 3D design software, etc

everything has been going on orderly and steadily since arriving at the business school for registration. During the training, some students lamented that the 10 day training is not only work, but also an opportunity for learning and exercise. The stage of business school is like a duck to water, and it is a platform for family members in national franchised stores to show their talents. At the same time, every elite shopping guide class is more wonderful because of the joint efforts of each student

rudeshui business school has a perfect teaching evaluation system, which combines classroom teaching and classroom practice to consolidate the students' mastery; In addition, interactive teaching methods are also used to enable students to better understand and master the content taught by teachers. Brainstorm and teach students according to their aptitude. All the students of the 94th session of the elite shopping guide class said that their trip was worthwhile and fruitful


years of struggle

although pressure is essential, there is only pressure to have upward momentum. Because of this, at noon every day, we play games. Laughter can always be heard in the classroom. Only when we learn to relax and relax can we be happy. Therefore, business school has become a place where people "love and hate" like a duck to water

time always flies in a full day. We get to know each other because we are like fish in water, and we are lucky because we are like fish in water. Let's return to our respective posts with the mission of being like a duck to water and strive to realize the mission of "making people all over the world love to go home more"





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