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After the door and window companies have differentiated their brands, they have also made appropriate innovative packaging for the brands. Next, they need to customize the brand implementation strategy. As far as the door and window profession is concerned, the focus of brand implementation should be placed on two key directions:

1. Vigorously develop network implementation and mobile implementation

network implementation has the advantages of wide planning, fast speed, low cost, no company is bound by its own planning, and can obtain information and display its own advantages equally. It can make small companies expand their popularity quickly, and the implementation of network electronics is a "sharp weapon" for small and medium-sized companies

the implementation of real-time, interactive and personalized mobile media, such as mobile phones, buses and subway video screens, has now become a new way to convey differentiated information content. It can be said that the development speed of it is as fast as the development speed of network implementation. Doing a good job in network implementation is the long-term direction and strategy of the company

2. Make every effort to build differentiated channel sales terminals

channel terminals have always been the main position of brand competition for door and window companies. As long as the arrangement of channel terminals is done well and the useful improvement of sales terminals is completed, the strategic ability of brand implementation can be completed. In connection with the experience and lessons of some door and window brands in recent years, the following aspects deserve attention:

first, the precise positioning of channel terminals, Pay attention to the policy formulation, implementation height and implementation specification of the policy shopping malls, which mainly refers to the requirements of distribution network development. In terms of shopping malls selection, merchants selection and storefront selection, for many door and window companies, the useful development of terminal shopping malls is the foundation of brand implementation

secondly, in brand promotion, we should pay attention to the useful compatibility of brand construction, image design and protection, and business development. In brand promotion, many door and window companies only focus on business development, and one-sided think that if the achievements go up, the brand construction and brand image will naturally exist

in fact, as long as the brand image design, brand implementation and sales development are perfectly integrated, the brand construction is completed together with the sales development, and the sales development is promoted together with the brand construction, perfect consistency is the policy of brand implementation




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