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Serving wine isn’t rocket science, but there are ways to bring a little extra tjuz to the experience. Add a smidge of sommelier class to your afternoon or evening with these handy tips for getting the most out of your glass of wine!

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For an all-purpose white wine glass, choose a long stem with a good-sized bowl so there is plenty of space for the wine to breathet know much abou. Go for a smaller bowl with lighter-bodied wines to preserve their delicacy, and a larger one for Chardonnay to bring out its creamy texture.

Red wines go best with a bigger bowlThe alarm abou, letting you get your nose in to smell the aromas. It also brings more air in to release the flavours and soften the tannins – perfect for varieties like Cabernet and Shirazt need to isolate, as well as new world wines like Tempranillo and SangioveseM19.9222 2.34609L2.61597 19.6523.

For Sparkling, the classic flute allows the bubbles to gather at the bottom of the glass then shoot up to the top, capturing the aromas and flavours and presenting a stunning display of sparkles. For more aged or complex examples a tulip-shaped glass will help open up the aromas and flavours.

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