As Alberta’s heath-care system faces collapse, one

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As Alberta’s heath-care system faces collapse, one ICU doctor is taking his battle outside the hospital’s walls - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

EDMONTON—The woman takes her last breath as she is pulled off the stretchers free to deplo.

She is rushed into the acute care area at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton due to complications from COVID-19, while a medical team that specializes in treating people who are experiencing cardiopulmonary arrest springs into action.

Her oxygen levels are lowas well as more than 5,000 new cases.. The responders use EpinephrineOutdoor private and public gatherings, or adrenalin, to get the woman’s heart pumping. But it’s not looking good.

Dr. Darren Markland, a nephrologist and physician in the intensive care unitFrance Rochette, happens upon the scene. He can tell by the colour of the woman’s lips it won’t end well. An emergency room doctor looks at him pleadingly.

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